Mustafa wins!


If you are from Berlin – or went to Berlin and to Mustafas Gemüse Döner then you probably just laughed as much as I did. I think this perfectly sums up Berlin humour to me. And also shows a real riddle and phenomenon. Berlin has around half a trillion Döner kebap stores – and probably 99 percent of them do better döners than Mustafa. And at none of them you have to line up for an hour – but for some reason people seem to think Mustafa is the only Kebap store in the city. I do not get it.

2 thoughts on “Mustafa wins!

  1. oder??!!? ich hab mich da ma spaßeshalber angestellt als ich die fünfte war – und der war echt nooormal – schon bessere gegessen.
    das gleiche gilt ja bei dem ‘curry66’ gleich nebenan…. vielleicht steckt ja die schlangen-mafia dahinter?

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