Shitty Ad

Photo of bad wallpaper poster application by Stefan Klenke

Photo by Stefan Klenke

This ad for a wallpaper brand tries to make a point that it can be applied fast, that it is durable and that the application job will always be successful. But that whole message gets totally trashed because the ad poster applier dude was really lousy at his job. I think the wallpaper guys deserve their money back.

These bins should be fired!

Seriously, these bins are pretty sh*t at their job.

Street Photo of a totally overloaded bin in Treptower Park Berlin by Stefan Klenke

Doesn’t get any work done. (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

Streetphoto of a messy stickercovered bin near Berlin Ostkreuz, by Stefan Klenke

What a messy Punk!!!?! (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

Streetphoto of a fallen bin in Berlin Neukölln by Stefan Klenke

He even turned up drunk!!! (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

Streetphoto of a bin with loads of cigarettes on the floor near Sonnenallee Berlin by Stefan Klenke

“Kippendiener“ – actually means cigarette butt servant! But wtf?! Total failure! (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

Very Important Paper Bin

Streetphoto of a bin which has written Very Important Papierkorb written on it with a red carpet in front of it

VIP = Very Important Papierkorb – so clever

This street photo posted by Werben und Verkaufen Magazin on Instagram made me laugh. I m a massive fan of the BSR (Berliner Cleaning Facilities) advertising style. Since a few years all bins and cleaning vehicles in the city are covered with funny slogans and phrases that really make you feel connected and sympathetic with the company – and even the rubbish bins – which seem to come alive because of that.
And this one is definitely the most inventive and stylish yet. Looks like it’s a clever PR gag for the Berlinale – the city’s prestigious annual movie festival.

Mustafa wins!


If you are from Berlin – or went to Berlin and to Mustafas Gemüse Döner then you probably just laughed as much as I did. I think this perfectly sums up Berlin humour to me. And also shows a real riddle and phenomenon. Berlin has around half a trillion Döner kebap stores – and probably 99 percent of them do better döners than Mustafa. And at none of them you have to line up for an hour – but for some reason people seem to think Mustafa is the only Kebap store in the city. I do not get it.