Freezing Finger

Every night coming from work i pass by this gentleman here selling the Evening Standard. And as usual i stop and take a photo of his headline posters. It was a freezing evening a few weeks back when I felt really sorry for him cause he had to stand there all night.

I asked him if he was cold and he said of course, but the worst was his finger. He showed me his finger which looked slightly de-formed in comparison to the one on the other hand. He then told me the story that years back when he was drunk someone smashed a door and his finger was in the doorframe at that moment. Naturally the finger was crashed. It was so bad that he should have gone to a hospital immediately.

But it happened that on that day in 1987 there was a massive fire at King’s Cross Station. He said that he thought all the hospitals would be filled with heavily injured burn victims and that it would be pathetic to turn up there and ask if someone could look after his little FINGER! So he never bothered going to one.

In Germany we have a saying “Falsche Bescheidenheit” – which would translate as “false modesty”.

Now everytime it’s cold he is reminded of that night.

P.S.: I just read about the fire – it was actually very bad – 31 dead and 120 injured.

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Something tells me… (Vol. 5)

…that the summer is over!

I took this photo a few weeks ago. Until then i was sure that no human being could ever be scared by a flower!! I admit this one sent some shivers down my spine. I mean, look at this freaky sun flower zombie. I still try to understand why someone is leaving this 2m (!) tall monster rotting away for at least half a year in his front garden – a garden right next to the street!

Maybe it’s a granny who finally found a way how to scare the young noisy kids away?

What’s up in the UK?

This sums it up pretty much.

Damn, I actually hate talking about this kind of stuff. But I have to admit that Jade’s story is worth a media dissertation or two. I mean she was made famous because of being on Big Brother for being not the sharpest tool in the box. Kept in the eye of the public by the tabloids and women’s weeklys she then re-appeared years later in Celebrity Big Brother, in which she apparently made some stupid racist comments against an Indian actress.

She then felt hated by the entire 1-billion-population of the sub-continent and decided as a way-to-say sorry to go on an Indian version of – you guessed it: Big Brother. There she was told by the producers that she had cancer – life on TV! Man, this feels like a sick version of the Truman Show!


Just a lot of trolleys!

These are the luggage trolleys of the infamous Heathrow Terminal 5 late night just before closing time. There is no big story to it. I was just really impressed by the massive number of them. I can only imagine what the airport must look like when they are all in use!!!

In case you’re bored (VERY bored), can you count how many there are?

You could make a great stop-motion-animation film with them i guess. Here you go animators, there’s an idea for you!