Vivian Maier – The Unknown Street Photographer Genuis

What a beautiful photo this is, right? If you would have taken it, wouldn’t you show it proudly to everyone you know – post it to your blog or Flickr? Or try to get it into a magazine or competition? But its photographer never did. In fact she never showed any of her incredible 100.000s of photos to anyone. Only recently after her death they have been discovered in an auction in Chicago.

I just saw a film about the photographer who is or was called Vivian Maier – and it had me in tears. The emotions totally surprised me. I have to admit that I am still wiping the tears out of my eyes while writing this. I just felt really strongly about Vivian’s destiny of the completely un-noticed lonely photography genius who was taking photos after photos for decades – but never sought after fame or recognition.

I have studied photography and I love street photography more than anything. I have always marvelled at the works of the great street photographers of the now and then. My heroes are the likes of Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Frank or Martin Parr. And now there is a new name I have to add to that list: Vivian Maier.

TOne of Vivian Maier’s many self portrahe majority of the mostly black and white medium format shots were captured during the 1950s and 1990s. Vivian was literally sitting for decades on a treasure of 100.000s of slides and prints and 10.000s of undeveloped films.

The countless images were discovered at a street auction in Chicago in 2009. John Maloof who bought the images for merely $400 spent most of the last three years scanning the work. But he is far from finished.

He has dedicated pretty much his whole life to rescue the incredible photos of Vivian for the generations to come. Maloof says that every day he discovers new images that blow him away. His mission is to get her work published in galleries around the world, to print books and make films to make sure that Maier gets the recognition she deserves.

It really has overwhelmed me that such a genius never had the urge to show anyone her images. She was described as a loner living on her own in a flat in Chicago which was cluttered to the ceiling with boxes. She always wandered around the streets and travelled the world by herself – only accompanied by her camera.

I imagine that the only close friend or love she ever found was her photography. Something that just moved me so much. And it also remined me of how strongly I feel about street photography and that I could never imagine my life without it.

But have a look for yourself at some examples below and you will probably understand my slightly emotional state. These photos are destined to touch many people hearts. And Vivian Maier is a name to be remembered and honoured forever.

Also check out the blog of Jon Maloof where he keeps posting newly discovered images:

Blog: Vivian Maier – Her discovered Work

And here is the vidoe that moved me to tears:

Video: Vivian Maier – Street Photographer and Nanny


Christmas Kills

I love Christmas. And I believe Christmas without a real tree is not the right thing. Plastic trees are definitely not an option. But seeing the thrown-away trees every year really makes me think what a waste this all is.
So next year I’ll opt for a living tree that you can go an plant somewhere afterwards, rather than just chucking it out on the street.

Partial Eclipse of the Sun

This morning when I left the house around 8 I thought the sky looked strangely gloomy. It was so much darker than it should have been. Then later at work I read that the partial eclipse of the sun had already started at sunrise. So that’s what I was looking at. Magic.

Berlin Xmas Impressions

I don’t mind repeating myself in saying that I am in love with that city – always was and always will be – eventhough or especially since I have left it 10 years ago. Everytime I go back to Berlin it’s a bit like a time trip into the past and the future.

Gladly I can still discover so many things that remind of my first big chunk of life there – although many of them are disappearing rapidly or have already done so. So when I get back – I often get a bit sentimental – especially when it’s Christmas and the city is dark and covered in snow.


lo*kee NYD bash

Wow! They pulled it off again. Another historic lo*kee party. The best way to start a new year. The people, the crew, the place and of course the tunes – perfect combo.

But I shut up and let the photos do the talking.

Actually the one photo below says it all – That’s the sweat dripping off the ceiling. Nice.

THE lo*kee GALLERY is now up and running. Woop woop! CLICK HERE>> TO SEE THE WHOLE DAMAGE!