Shitty Ad

Photo of bad wallpaper poster application by Stefan Klenke

Photo by Stefan Klenke

This ad for a wallpaper brand tries to make a point that it can be applied fast, that it is durable and that the application job will always be successful. But that whole message gets totally trashed because the ad poster applier dude was really lousy at his job. I think the wallpaper guys deserve their money back.


I loved how the paint on this lamp post looks like a tree bark. I wonder how old it is. The lamp is actually an old East German lamp. So it must be at least from before 1989.

Women sell!

Photo of three Zeit magazines with women on their covers - photo by Stefan Klenke

Photo by Stefan Klenke

One cannot deny the fact that females on ads or covers sell usually better than males or get more attention except of course for a few examples like male fitness mags or some male product ads.
You will have women on women’s magazines but hardly men. And you’ll have women on many men’s magazines too – hardly ever men.

So if you are a woman you are constantly faced with other women looking perfectly (photoshopped) pretty at you.

How is this influencing the way they feel about themselves?

Women on Ads in U Bahn station in Berlin - photo by Stefan Klenke

Photo by Stefan Klenke

These bins should be fired!

Seriously, these bins are pretty sh*t at their job.

Street Photo of a totally overloaded bin in Treptower Park Berlin by Stefan Klenke

Doesn’t get any work done. (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

Streetphoto of a messy stickercovered bin near Berlin Ostkreuz, by Stefan Klenke

What a messy Punk!!!?! (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

Streetphoto of a fallen bin in Berlin Neukölln by Stefan Klenke

He even turned up drunk!!! (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

Streetphoto of a bin with loads of cigarettes on the floor near Sonnenallee Berlin by Stefan Klenke

“Kippendiener“ – actually means cigarette butt servant! But wtf?! Total failure! (Photo by Stefan Klenke)