Rumpus – Where The Wild Things Are

For my kinda liking Rumpus is the best party that London has to offer.
Like a mini festival it offers absolute nutterness for anyone who doesnt take life or themselves too serious. Just dive into the rabbit-hole for one night and see what happens until you get out of it again.
4 or 5 rooms – with different themes filled the most incredible bunch of people and with tunes covering all genres except shit. If you wanna dress up – do. If not – no one cares. Get involved and have fun!

Their motto is Rumpus – The Way parties should be. I totally concur.

Check out to find out when the next one is due!


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WetYourSelf in Ibiza

If you don’t happen to know WetYourself (WYS!) is a weekly party night in Fabric – in of London’s most famous night clubs. Every Sunday they deliver one of the most finest that electronic music has to offer.

My flatmate Eric Volta was playing for them when WYS had their debut in Ibiza’s Space night club. As you can see on the photos the crowd loved them there too.

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