Berlin, Berlin


 Here a few impressions from my last trip home to Berlin.

Still one of my favourite…

…pieces of street aeh park art – found in Acton Park in West London on my lunch break. We finally have snow, woop, woop.

Shadow Painting

Rashad Alakbarov is the name of the genius creator of these clever shadow “paintings”. I’ll really try hard to remember his name – because it’s a name worthy to remember – but it’s such a difficult name to remember! Argh.

Look, Look! – Oakoak


I think I found my new favourite street artist. Oakoak. He does exactly the kind of stuff I love discovering on the street. I wished there would be more like this greeting us every day on our commutes to and from work. 

Check out his website for an avalanche of smile-creating pictures.

And if you fancy supporting (t)his genius then why not buy an official print here: