At least…

it tasted good!

You can tell the guys in the Brick Lane Beigel shop really used the last decades to perfect their sandwich making process! Easy guidelines – STUFF IT TO THE BRIM! and when nothing fits anymore – STUFF IT some more! Job done!

Tape That!!

Tape is the best thing ever – you can fix EVERYTHING with it! No need for those over-priced fixes in rip-off garages anymore!

One problem with Mr. Coffee…

when you call your company Mr. Something – then you’ll always have a problem when Mr. Something can’t be bothered to turn up and suddenly Mrs. Something has to do the job. Not the most clever business name idea. Imagine even the confusion if a ‘shemale’ friend has to take over for a day! Mr/Mrs/Ms Coffee – there you go – that’s what you should call it – much better! You got your arse covered.