lo*kee – The Last But One

Yes that’s right the last but one of the legendary lo*kee gatherings – well in the current venue that is! But lo*kee is moving – so no need to panic! The very last one in this place will happen in only two weeks time! So you gotta hurry if you want a chance to join the fun!

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Something tells me…(Vol.10)

…they don’t like Chavs in here…

I can’t understand why!! Cause they look so lovely…

If you want to know how much of a chav you are, you can make the ultimate Chav-test here:


It asks you questions like:

1 . Have you ever gone for a romantic dinner for two at Pizza Hut?

2 . Does your wardrobe contain one or more items in that Burberry check?

6 . Is drinking bottles of cider in your local bus stop a favourite pastime?

8 . Do you own a special tracksuit ‘for best’?

11 . Do you know anyone that’s ever been on Trisha?

 I just did the test – and it said i am a Wannabe chav: Wannabe chav You clearly know you are not, nor will you ever be anything even closely resembling a bonafide chav but that doesn’t stop you from jumping on the bling bandwagon every now and then. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of pretending though you’ll never be able to hold your own with the true Burberry brigade.”

I should be worried – very worried.