lo*kee photos – FINALLYYYYY!!!

Sooooooorry peepz,

this took by far too long. I put my hands up and admit it. But there was just so much stuff (or should I say SCHTUPHFFF!!!!?) going on in my life at the mo that I couldn’t get those lo*kee photos sorted.

I will show you later what kept me so busy – some cool projects really so watch this space.

I was happy so see that my favourite party in town was back with their super sunday afternoon parties. This time they did it in this outside place near London Fields. They neighbours didn’t seem as happy as we all were though. Next time the lo*kee crew should just provide them with ear plugs or some sleeping pills.

Okay, enough talking – over to the looking-part. 3-2-1 LOOK!!!

Ah one more thing: Here is the Facebook link to the whole album. So get tagging!!

lo*kee 31-07-2011 on Facebook

lo*kee photos

Hey lo*kee lovers, thanks for dropping by. I know you are looking for your photos from last Sunday here. And I promise you will get to see them soon.

But my life is a bit crazy at the mo – so I frankly just didn’t have the time to sort them out. I’m really sorry. This is normally not my style.

Please bear with me for another few days – probably next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thanks for your patience.

Peace and Love!

Stefan aka itchy i. ūüôā