Drop your Gums!

These should be everywhere – (Seen just outside the Design Museum in London) it looks great and you dont have to stick your old gum underneath someone’s shoes, in her hair, underneath the table, in a little piece of tissue which then opens in your pocked and glues all your keys together or behind your ear which gets all those weird glances from people on the tube because you forgot it there and it’s now dangling from it in the rhythm of train.

Amazing NON(!!) Computer Effects

I tell you the Design Museum is really worth going at the mo. Some really inspiring ideas there. Like this here. When I first saw the video of these floating metall balls i tought this was an computer animation…

…I thought, nice, great way of how the balls line up to create different shapes like this car! BUT then I realised…

…that this wasn’t computer animated at all! They used REAL metal balls and hang them on countless threads who then were pulled by a clever mechanical system! Brilliant!!!

A Fashion Show with a Future Twist

Hussein Chalayan – it might be a bit difficult – but this IS a name you should remember! He has an exhibition at the London Design Museum at the moment.

I admit I didnt know him at all – and when a friend said he was a fashion designer, i thought it would be just another rather predictabale fashion show. BUT although this dude designs fashion – when you look closer you realise it’s not just about Fashion – but about new forward-thinking ideas and provocative innovations.

What most impressed me about his work is his ability to merge clothes with technology – and thereby giving it a completely futuristic and surprising twist.

They showed a video of a catwalk show he has done a few years ago. He designed dresses that within a few seconds would “magically” transform into a completely different design – changing length, style and suddenly revealing body parts that were formerly covered. One model was left naked because her dress disapperead into the massive hat she was wearing! Very sexy! It had the crowd from the video in standing ovations!

Another impressive idea was the transformation of furniture into clothes.

Three models would take off the covers from the chairs standing in the room and get dressed with them. The chairs themselves would turn into suitcases where you could store your other clothes.

And then a fourth model would climb into the middle of the circular table and turn this also into a dress!

Even if you don’t like Fashion at all – go see Hussein Chalayan (I just had to look on the top of this article cause I forgot his name already – shame on me!!!) at the Design Museum in London!



 Absolutely stunning – a dress and video screen in one!

I d love to see this in reality – maybe it could be powered by your steps. And maybe matching your mood or the music you play in your ipod, or according to your environment – either in the exact same or completely juxtaposing way.

These are the parts of the furniture that changed…

…into these girls’ dresses. I especially loved the table…

…that turned into this dress. Totally not practical but still great ideas, I think.


Welcome to the Rat Race!

When I think about the ONE reason I wouldnt want to live in London forever – then it is the London Transport System.

When you are unfortunate enough – like millions of Londoners – and you have to commute in the mornings and evenings to go to work – then Halleluja – what a bloody shit you have to go through every day!

I feel like we are being treated like kettle on the way to the slaughter house! A totally overcrowded and often unreliably transport system obvious not able to cope with the huge demand of a metropole in the third millenium.

Tube lines are being closed stupidly early (around midnight in the week and 00.30 on the weekends!) which forces you to use an expensive taxi or worse: the overcrowded smelly night buses (mix of pig farm and men’s toilet – nice!).

With no air condition – the undeground becomes a sauna in the summer – imagine what’s it like to be crammed into a wagon full of sweaty armpits! It’s so funny (no actually – it’s not!) when you see what they did to improve on that – a few oversized ventilators standing in some of the tunnels!!!

I am aware that TfL are currently undergoing a massive improvement scheme – you would be blind if you wouldnt notice, because every weekend half of the tube lines are closed because of that. And that’s also the reason why they can’t keep the tube open all night.

London has the troubles of having one of the oldest underground train systems in the world – and at the same time have missed to keep re-newing the tube. They started by far too late with trying to bring it onto a standard that is suitable for one of the busiest cities in the world. The government basically fucked it up and we pay for it! (nothing new then)

Talking about paying – this is one of the key points of my hate for TfL:

Despite their unreliable service, overcrowded trains and constant signal failures (commuters will shiver just hearing that word – reasons for many bad, baaaad delays) – what just really makes me angry is the fact that we are charged more and more every year! In fact according to The Guardian London has the most expensive fares in the world – double the price of cities like New York, Paris or Rome!

I find it disgraceful and inhumane how people are treated! When you see the anger and grief in the people’s faces in the morning or late at night – then you understand I am not alone with my anger. And I believe this can’t be healthy for a city or any society!

A public transport system is a necessity for people – like the air you breathe. It is also the right step to get people off the car, but only if you don’t feel like an imprisoner of a Rat Race Society most times you use it!

Always look on the Brighton Side…

A beautiful weekend in Brighton was blessed by the sun and blue sky! I love Brighton – it has this unique mix of funky student town and working class charme! Always great for taking photos.

Look at the info for allergics!!! It says that the Milk contains MILK!!! WTF!?