Always look on the Brighton Side…

A beautiful weekend in Brighton was blessed by the sun and blue sky! I love Brighton – it has this unique mix of funky student town and working class charme! Always great for taking photos.

Look at the info for allergics!!! It says that the Milk contains MILK!!! WTF!?


4 thoughts on “Always look on the Brighton Side…

  1. Thanks Scotty. I am glad you're liking them. Especially because it remindes you of your childhood. I love it when photos have the power to do so. ūüôā


  2. you might look at the work of Bruce Davidson, his Coney Island photos from the early 60's. And the photos ofJulio Mitchell of,( I believe) Brighton Beach also. I watched him print some of them back in 1975 in nyc. Your photo that comes closest to a timeless image of a place is the red heart in the ferry or shop with the water in background. Most of them are rather superficial, "camera club" type images. The old "look at this funny clever Juxtaposition of this and that sign and animal" picture will be soon forgotten forever by the serious viewer. The heart will stick in the back of my mind for awhile though.respectfully…rg


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