Crazy for Queen – The 60th Jubilee River Pageant

I knew already from last year’s Royal Wedding the Brits go slightly crazy for anything to do with their Monarchs. So hearing about the Queen’s plan to ride a boat joined by 1000 ships down the Thames I knew this would be something great to photograph.

Of course I didnt come to see the boats or the Queen but to see the people who wanted to see them. I decided to get up at 6am to be one of the first at the river bank and to document the whole day from the start. It didn’t really surprise me that when I arrived at 7pm – 8 hours before the Queen – there were already super keen Royalists who had conquered their viewing spots in the first row.

I spoke to many of them and learned that some camped there the whole night and one lady even arrived there at 3pm the day before. They really showed that no weather can stand between them and a jolly good time – their excitement to catch a glimpse of their beloved Queen had them all in high spirits. I am no fan of the Monarchy but for me as German it was hilariously entertaining and charming to watch the people go literally nuts for their Royals.

This is family Davenport from the Midlands – they had spent all night camping to make sure they have a space in the first row. What a family trip.

A few hours later there would be hundreds of people fighting over a good position to see the ship parade. Obviously these early campers had already secured their’s. The early bird catches the Queen.

Joseph from Battersea in London got definitely his share of media attention on the day.

By around 8am the first row had nearly every gap of the South Bank filled – and they would make sure that no one could take away their pristine spots any more. Later they be joined by at least 10 more rows of people.

This is the moment most had waited for – the queen on her ship – which was over in 3 minutes.

But obviously the 1000 ships that joined her took much longer to pass. So I guess that must have been worth the trip for all those super keen fans of the Queen. Well at least that’s what I sincerely hope for them.

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