What’s Zebrating?

Well now you know. 😉
I just discovered these guys’ works on a Facebook Group called Zebrating-Art.
I’ll post a link later as soon as I get my hands on a computer.

Off the wall on the wall 3D-art

I guess we all have seen quite a few of those 3D paintings on pavements, which are so cleverly painted or drawn that they create – seen from one point of view – often clever and stunning optical illusions picturing fanstastic scenarios like vulcano craters or wormholes to other dimensions.

The artist John Pugh is the first that I have ever seen that does the same thing but on the walls of buildings. I amazed HOW realistic it looks.

Skater turned Fire Fly

This is so beautiful! Another simple idea – perfectly put into reality:

Mount a blue light underneath a skateboard and film it being manoeuvered through the night – but instead of choosing the all too familar camera from behind or mounted on the board everything is being filmed from a bird’s eye perspective. Colossal and intricate at the same time.

Crash Car Body Art

Nope. It’s not a crashed car. Artist Emma Hack “build” this automobile with using 17 nude people – painted to create the illusion of a ruined vehicle.

I also really like some of her other stunning body art.

She also was responsible for the super popular music video of Gotye’s Somebody that I used to know.

Check her work out on www.emmahackartist.com.au