Off the wall on the wall 3D-art

I guess we all have seen quite a few of those 3D paintings on pavements, which are so cleverly painted or drawn that they create – seen from one point of view – often clever and stunning optical illusions picturing fanstastic scenarios like vulcano craters or wormholes to other dimensions.

The artist John Pugh is the first that I have ever seen that does the same thing but on the walls of buildings. I amazed HOW realistic it looks.

Skater turned Fire Fly

This is so beautiful! Another simple idea – perfectly put into reality:

Mount a blue light underneath a skateboard and film it being manoeuvered through the night – but instead of choosing the all too familar camera from behind or mounted on the board everything is being filmed from a bird’s eye perspective. Colossal and intricate at the same time.

Crash Car Body Art

Nope. It’s not a crashed car. Artist Emma Hack “build” this automobile with using 17 nude people – painted to create the illusion of a ruined vehicle.

I also really like some of her other stunning body art.

She also was responsible for the super popular music video of Gotye’s Somebody that I used to know.

Check her work out on

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles….

This is another great example that sometimes the simpler an idea is – the more powerful. In this case the straight forward idea was to hang thousands of white ballons up in the air inside stunning architectural gemstones which resultet in this mindlowing and surrealistic effect.

Artist, dancer and choreographer William Forsythe has been taking his audio/visual installation called Scattered Crowd around the world since 2002.

If you want to know what it feels like to walk among these stunningly arranged white bubbles of air then there is a chance to see them in 2013 at the Brockenheimer Depot in Frankfurt (Main) in German. Running from 21.3.-24.3.2013.

More info here:

As a little taster here is already a video from an earlier exhibition a few years back at the Saddler’s Wells in London:



Street (He)art by David Zinn

Seriously, I think I have never come across a more heart-warming collection of work than these images here by artist David Zinn. I love how he often incorporates his characters into the surroudings and also how he really cleverly uses the perspective to create an even more powerful optical effect.

Check out his website