So grey – so colourful

Streetart and advertising posters at trainstation Berlin Neukölln by Stefan Klenke

Berlin Neukölln – Colours like no other.

It’s a really grey and boring looking day today that’s why I was happy to see this colourful mix of street art and advertising posters at S-train station Neukölln this morning. Happy Friday, everyone!!! 😍😊

Fixed it! 

Plastic bag repairment of leaking Deutsche Bahn fire hydrant

German efficiency

I loved how the gigantic billion Euro heavy Deutsche Bahn corporation fixed a leaking fire hydrant. Why spending hundreds when a 10 cent plastic supermarket bag will do the job. It’s also one of the trillions of bags less polluting the planet. We have a clear win-win situation here, friends. Well done Deutsche Bahn. #deutschebahn #respect

Helloooo, I m back with love.

Love Tag - Street art in Magdeburg

Little stencil art from Magdeburg, Germany

Yeeeesss, itchy eye is back to bring you my favourite new discoveries from the world around us. So stay tuned for beautiful street art, little magic moments and street worthy news and general thoughts of mine. Big hug!!!