itchy i becomes the london i

A little more than a week ago my friend Ally told me about this iPhone app called Hipstamatic, which mimics old camera lenses and analogue film developing processes. It gives your iPhone images the feel of old-school photographs with all it’s odd colour nuances and imperfections.

I instantly fell in love with it – and at the same time I fell in love with Photography – again. I started taking candid photographs of the life and the people around me – on my way to work or when going home, or just wondering around the streets.

Because no one would notice that i take their photos while pretending I m just typing on my phone – I achieve the almost impossible. Photos that in no way interfere with the subject. I photograph reality as it happens. This has been my dream since I started doing street photography.

The new series of images will be called Every Day People. And will be a tribute to London and it’s millions of colourful citizens – but also to life in general. The things we love, laugh but also loath sometimes. Because that that’s life – in a nutshell – and now also in my photographs.