Why is Street Art so important to me?

Hi, my name is Stefan Klenke. I am a photographer, media content producer and curious being from Berlin, Germany. With my blog I am trying to to show you how I see the world. I love to spread (street) art, photography and inspring ideas that I find by walking around, talking to people, reading or surfing the web.

The name itchy eye or short itchy i is a game on words. In English there is a phrase called “to have itchy feet” which means that you have a desire to go travelling or to try something different. Well and I thought “having an itchy eye” says I want to see a different world or to see something new.

When I roam around the cities and landscapes of this planet – I scan everything for objects and behaviours that say something about how human societies work. I try to record my version of the reality for future generations – which is a mix of day to day observations, humour and critical thoughts. I try to show the beauty as well as the ugliness – and the beauty within the ugliness – and the ugliness within the beauty.

For me especially street art, graffiti and other forms of visual conversation that cover walls, trees, windows, bins and windows in most cities these days are an a incredible source of information about our society.

Street Art and Freedom in Berlin and London

Especially here in Berlin you find political commentary, funny insider jokes, angry opinions, hate and love messages everywhere. There is hardly a wall without tags or street art, posters and stickers. Something that tells me the city is still pretty free – free in thinking and expressing yourself and free from CCTV surveilance cameras – that make it so much more easy for you to leave your artistic mark anywhere without being prosecuted.

I lived in London for 8 years and coud see how the mass surveillance and gentrification there really changed the look of a city – street art and graffit was limited only to a few areas like Shoreditch and Hackney Wick. But the rest of the city was almost sterile in comparrison with Berlin. I am interested to see how the increasing gentrification here in Germany’s capital will affect the street art. I already witnessed a few districts like Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte getting pretty cleaned up during the last 15 years or so. And the recent terrorist attack in December 2016 here in Berlin will most likely lead to more surveillance here too. 😦

Well if you follow my blog you will see how things turn out!

I hope you enjoy it!!! 🙂


Photo of a bin with "No War" written on it taken in Berlin Neukölln.

No War – On a bin in Berlin Neukölln. Photo by Stefan Klenke