Crystal Method – Feeling the Blues in a Council Flat

London has by far too many of them: Council Estates. Built in the midst of the 20th Century when it was regarded as futuristic to squeeze as many people as possible into small concrete boxes without life and soul. (In my opinion those architects and planners who built them should be put into prison for bodily harm).

Yesterday I went into one of the infamous council “boxes” – to be more precise: into a flat of an disused estate in Southwark near Elephant and Castle. BUT what I found was everything else but gritty, grey or grim.

Instead of faded ugly wallpaper and worn down carpets I found a magic blue Crystal Dungeon that looked like the home of a Wizzard.

The whole flat was covered in razor sharp, deep blue stones hanging from the walls and the ceilings. I have never seen anything like it. Absolutely magnicficent. Even the bathtub was almost completely covered in it.

This alien world was created by Artist Roger Hiorns who was nominated for the this year’s Turner Prize for this ambitious project.

He poured 87.000 litres of high concentrated boiling copper sulfate into the flat – so that it was filled from bottom to top – waited two months – pumped out the liquid and what he was left with was the blue crystals.

What a wicked way to decorate your room! Bit expensive maybe. Not sure if buying 90 tons of cupper sulfate to cover your walls is in many people’s budget.

If you’re around near Elephant & Castle – have a look for yourself.

Entrance is free. And the project was extended to January 2010

Address: 157 Harper Road, SE1

Check out the video as well, to see how he did it.



MuTATE Britain – UK’s No.1 Street Art Festival

Ladies and Gents, here is a MUST for all you street artist lovers for this weekend. Underneath the concrete archways of the A40 Westway in the heart of Notting Hill lie the grounds of what I consider one of the best exhibtions the city and maybe even the country has to offer at the moment.

You will enter a world that mirrors scenes from the Mad Max movies – made out of scrap metal, drift wood and secondhand accessories of all kind.

Expect to discover clever, funny and thought provoking street art paintings, grafittis, collages, installations and sculptures inspired by the wrongness of our Western Society.

It invites you to stay for hours, exploring, talking to the artists or chilling on comfy sofas and chairs in the cafe – which offers yummy teas and cakes.

MuTATE Britain is something really unique – so go and see it while you can! Your brain will be overloaded with amazing imagery for a while to come.


In this form it will be open until this Sunday 1 Nov. 2009. (It seems though, that they will change the look of the exhibition every few weeks and keep it running til December – so check their blog for more info)

Location: 3-6 Acklam Rd, London, W10 5YU

Entrance: £1 before 6pm – £3 thereafter

Check the MuTATE Britain Blog for latest info.


This is a wicked video giving you a little impression of what the spirit of it is like:

GraFu*k Design!

Oh my God! I think I just got eye cancer! I can’t believe these guys were’nt made illegal yet. Their work is a crime against humanity. “Poster”?! Bodily Harm I’d call that!!!

They can’t even spell! “Home Offiece”!!!

Print my Business Cards with them while I wait? I’d rather wait for my teeth to be pulled.

A bit of Street Art…

that put a little smile on my face the other day, cause you don’t see much of it in London these days, probably down to CCTV everywhere.

This one below here is quite special – I just found out. It is a Bucket Man. The Bucketmen are collectible stickers – with the signature of the artist on the back. If you find 5 of them – you can exchange them to an original painting from the artist.

Check out

I so gonna go back to where I found this – and pick it up. Brilliant!

The last one here is a bit older which i saw in Camden. It reminds me of the artist called BLU ( But it didnt say who created it.


Bless her!

This girl just came up to me on the dancefloor and asked me in a chat-up-kind-of-way “You know this guy on your t-shirt, he is famous, isn’t he?”

I really didn’t know how to respond to that.

DJ Yoda Live VJ set @ P3 – London

I love this stuff! Yoda is one of my Alltime DJ-Heroes. He collects samples of videos and sounds that we all stuffed our brains with when we were young and TV our best friend.

He then throws them in a massive surprise bag and pulls them out in his super funny and entertaining style. You never know what you get next. Pure Randomness on the Dancefloor.

If you have a chance to see him live – grab it! It’s like traveling back in time.

He is on tour in the UK at the mo – check his webpage for the dates.