Face in Place of the Day

Great stuff – someone saw the same as me in that bin – a wicked face! And that someone even gave it a make over…Brilliant!!

Here the bin face as I ve seen it ages ago…

…and here seen another improved bin face a short while ago.

Bad Bed

When you’re tired just don’t bother making it home to bed first – just pass out wherever you want. It’s your country in the end. Plus safety, frozen body parts and dignity are so much over-rated anyhow. Although that said – in our society you never know: maybe THAT is your home.

Erotic Clothes

I love the fact that the guy in the back who walks into the sex shop really looks like a guy who walks into a sex shop. The trenchcoat, the baseball cap – so authentic he could be a character from a cheap comedy programme.

REAL 3D Photo Sculptures!

Guys when i saw these photos of Gwon Osang’s sculptures I was in awe. And at the same time in disbelief, cause I had the same idea about 10 years ago – creating surfaces of objects made of photo mosaiques of those surfaces.

The only difference is, that HE turned it into reality, while mine is still only up in my head. So respect for that Gwon. Great work!




Dear Fans, yes you might have noticed itchy i was in a coma for a while. My life was a bit of a roller coaster ride the last months (the kinds that make you happy but also realllly sick at times). Well it still is. So bear with me. It will be slowly running up again to former glory.

Peace and Love!

itchy i