That’s why Avatar sucks

When I watched Avatar I felt robbed of 2 and a half hours of my life. I got in dispute over my deeply felt dislike of it’s shallow uninventive story line with quite a few people who surprisingly thought it was a good movie.

I think everyone who is a fan of the film should watch this video here. And everyone who hates Avatar should watch it too, cause it EXACTLY tells you why Cameron should be punished for his calculated predictable cash-oriented Hollywood script writing.

The guy – Mike Stoklasa – who does the video review is a genius in the disguise of his fictional creation of Mr Pinkett – a fat wife beating redneck. You gotta check this dude’s work out for his great comedy value but also for his in-depth well oberserved and researched analysis. I like how he sums the who movie up as being in 3D while all the characters remained one dimensional. It really hits the nail on the head – a nail that should be the last in the coffin of Cameron’s movie scripting career.

And if you like Mike’s work check out for more brilliant reviews where he destroys George Lucas’ Star Wars – The Phantom Menace and quite a few Star Trek movies.

This is stuff I would make part of any Film School Schedule – entertaining but also very educational. Best combo ever.

Sit in

When I saw this woman sitting like this on Portland Place I first thought it was a puppet. She looked so unreal because she sat there completely static ignoring the world around her.

The only time she moved was when it started to rain and she had to put her rain cap on.

She was peacefully protesting against Chinas’s alleged suppression of 100 million of its citizens who were no longer allowed to practise the spiritual exercise called Fallun Gong.

World Crap

Seriously, the England game was so painful to watch last night. The team looked like a bunch of amateurs who couldnt give a toss.

Even me as a German was sorry for England. It felt like as if a whole nation lost their only hope of something good ever happen to their country.

First David Cameron – now a shitty football team – again.