Touchable Holography

The idea of Holography is something that always amazed me. And I really hope that one day we will have the technology to produce hole holographic worlds – like in Star Trek – The Next Generation, where you can enter a room called the Holo-Deck in which you can create any visual-, audio- and touch-sensation you want. You can ride a dinosaur or fly on an eagle, become part of any historic event or fictional story. Everything feels and looks so authentic that you couldnt differ betwen reality and holography.

Now when I saw this video here, I thought humans might have come a little step closer to achieving this Sci-Fi dream. 

The Shinoda Lab at the University of Tokyo developed a system that combines a holographic projection which reacts to your hand movements. By adding multiple thin “rays” of highly compressed ultrasonic air you can then feel for example the virtual raindrops falling onto your hands.

Or you can bounce a virtual ball and feel the sensation it creates when it “touches” your palm.

I am truly amazed.