Super High – 100 m Tree in one Photo!

Have you ever stood in a dense forest, looked up and thought, wow what a high tree! And now imagine you have the task to take a photo of it. How the heck you gonna fit the whole tree in when you can’t get far away enough, cause you are surrounded by other trees?!

Well, National Geographic photographer Michael Nichols came up with a solution  – after one year of preparation he created this image of a 1500 year old Redwood. Amazing!

Photo: Michael Nichols – National Geographic

And here is how he did it, pure technical brilliance:

There is a massive fold out with the photo of it in the latest issue of National Geographic wich came out yesterday!

RCR – Remote Controlled Rat

I m a bit on a science trip here lately. But i just happen to stumble across those incredible developments – like this one here.

Scientist managed to implement technology into a rat’s brain, so that they are able to remote-control its walking direction with a computer. This is just the beginning it of they say.

Seeing with your tongue! Yes! With your tongue!

Picture: WICAB – Original Article from Scientic American / Mandy KendrickScience can be so mesmerising! I just read an article about a new device that allows blind people to see by connecting a little camera with their tongue!

The camera (placed on a pair of sunglasses) records light signals from the environment, which are translated via a little handheld device and then transferred to a little tongue piece. The nerve centres in the tongue translate these electric signals which then somehow arrive in the brain so that the blind perceive them as visual information – they see!

Apparently it feels like a champagne tickle on the tongue. The whole process is like when a baby learns to see the world around it for the first time – and only takes a few days.

The device is ready to be sold by the end of this year! Wow!


Sick and Graceful – Incredible Robot Technology

Wow! When i watched this (and you HAVE to watch the full length!) I got a really sick feeling. It was as if I could see the future – a dark one. I mean it really reminded me of Terminator! This is a video of a robot that totally successful can walk independently through the toughest terrain – even on ice! At one point someone kicks him in the side – and the robot manages with ease to tackle the impact without falling over. Scary!

When you look closer – he is loaded with four army backpacks!

Here is another example how amazing the robot technology has become in mimicking animal moves – this time pretenting to be a fish. Really convincing too!

And here is one robot developed by Toyota that actually manages to play the violin! Not very good – but still much better than probably the most of us.

What really makes me wonder about these developments is – where is the limit? I know there isn’t one. Man will only stop when it has made all Android Science Fiction a reality. I mean look at this video of an robotic exoskeleton which gives you superpowers.


Creating the human robot is only a question of time. And by the looks of it – not much time. You might say – well you can’t create emotions. And that’s the bit that scares me the most. The Super Soldier – no feelings – no fear – no mercy – unbeatable. Hope he won’t one day look like Arnold Schwarzenegger!