Sick and Graceful – Incredible Robot Technology

Wow! When i watched this (and you HAVE to watch the full length!) I got a really sick feeling. It was as if I could see the future – a dark one. I mean it really reminded me of Terminator! This is a video of a robot that totally successful can walk independently through the toughest terrain – even on ice! At one point someone kicks him in the side – and the robot manages with ease to tackle the impact without falling over. Scary!

When you look closer – he is loaded with four army backpacks!

Here is another example how amazing the robot technology has become in mimicking animal moves – this time pretenting to be a fish. Really convincing too!

And here is one robot developed by Toyota that actually manages to play the violin! Not very good – but still much better than probably the most of us.

What really makes me wonder about these developments is – where is the limit? I know there isn’t one. Man will only stop when it has made all Android Science Fiction a reality. I mean look at this video of an robotic exoskeleton which gives you superpowers.


Creating the human robot is only a question of time. And by the looks of it – not much time. You might say – well you can’t create emotions. And that’s the bit that scares me the most. The Super Soldier – no feelings – no fear – no mercy – unbeatable. Hope he won’t one day look like Arnold Schwarzenegger!



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