Bring that Cat Back!!!

This is one the worst Lost Cat Posters I ve ever seen!

If you are a cat and lost – you can only hope that your owner is not such a loser twat when it comes to writing the single most important info to get you back. The sign says: “If anyone see the cat you’d better know that he has an owner as you can see the brown head band hee wearing. Handle it if you have it”

This dude should make a poster for his brain too.



Voyeur Card – Big Oyster is tracking you!

Yes! If you register your Oyster Card or even if you pay for it with your bankcard, TfL can track every journey you took during the last 8 weeks! Where you started it – where it ended – what time you used it. And the Police loves using their data too. Lovely innit?

The only chance to escape this is by using no Oyster at all – which of course is by far more expensive – or don’t register it and of course don’t pay for it with your bankcard. Or, well (see what I did there?)… live somewhere else than in London!

Sex on the Street

This was once the view from my kitchen window. Someone sprayed “Sex” onto the wall. It was there for months. I found it really fascinating to think about the reason – why would you spray that? Sex. Just Sex. No exclamation mark. Nothing. Just sex. I always thought about spraying a question mark to it. And then I had the idea of taking photos of the most interesting characters passing by those letters everyday. All sorts of ages and religions – I thought what a great juxtaposition. Especially with Religion Sex still seems to be such a tabu topic. Of course as we all know a really hypocritical and outdated approach.

Unfortunately just a few days after starting the project the council cleaned the wall. Koitus interruptus that was.

Street Seats

Seats of all kind somehow end up on the streets – most off them to be thrown away they always look like homeless vagabounds to me. Poor fellas.

Click here for a big selection of my Street Seats series which of course belongs to my Silly City Project.