Living Walls

I really like this concept here. Giving life to the outer surface of a building by projecting computer graphics over it is defnit some I wished I’d see more often. What about turning a whole city for a week into a semi virtual re-invented version of itself? Everything transforms constantly. There are so many boring structures in pretty much every city. Why not turning concrete blocks into living colourful creatures from a different universe?

555 KUBIK | facade projection | from urbanscreen on Vimeo.


These guys from urbanscreen have some good ideas. For example this one here where they’ve turned a building into an interactive flipper video game.

Pinwall | interactive facade pinball | urban screening from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

This reminds me of a at the time ground breaking installation called Blinkenlights by the Chaos Computer Club in 2001 in Berlin. They created a simple dot-matrix on the Haus des Lehrers building right next to the Alexanderplatz. By installing 8 times 18 lamps behind the windows which were connected to a computer they were able to display simple messages, graphics and animations.

But for me the best thing was the possiblity to play Pong – the classic video game – on it too. You had to ring a phone number with your mobile phone which then connected you to their computer. By pressing 2 for up and 8 for down you could play the game standing in front of a 18 storey high screen. I remember being completely blown away by this idea!

If you fancy finding out more about it check out


Coffee Shop Ad of the Day

Oh well, that speaks for itself, I guess.

When I went to work this morning, the bill board wasn’t out yet. And when I got back just now, the bloody rain (you HAVE to always call rain “bloody” in the UK) had washed today’s slogan away.

But i reckon that no message is a message too. 😉

Today PM Brown – Tomorrow PM Brown Nose?!

If I hate one thing more than politicians then it is brown nosing “hey i’m your mate” politicians who go around the country to lick people’s arses a tick too obvious – the very arses they gonna kick big time after their election. David “Cacknose” Cameron is the perfect example

The questionable cover of Shortlist as published today. One pay attention to the by far too smooth looking baby bottom skin. Which I think is as heavily retouched as his whole personality..

In the upcoming elections it will be Brown vs. Brown Nose in the slimey run to become Britain’s next Prime Minister (or Puppet Master). Why do I have the feeling we are all f**ked already?

Here are some alternative cover suggestions for Shortlist – which until today when they deciced to become a Propaganda outlet was one of my favourite magazines:

The subtle version.

The slightly more obvious version. Still not too obvious, as an animal is used instead of the politician. Opponents of Cameron might say now, it’s dangerous too use popular dogs, as this might still get him some votes from the many dog lovers in this country.
And that’s the sledgehammer version. I guess now even the least brainy readers should have gotten the message.

Meet Tiny – The Smallest Face in a Place in the World

I actually turned him around and made him a second face.

Now he is looking over me at work. My new colleague.

And I look after him. 🙂


Happy Days!


You can tell that I was bored at work today. 😉

Support your Local Coffee Shop!

I m not a big coffee drinker. But I love hanging out in coffee shops. Especially the one around the corner from me. They do great soups there and the most amazing White Hot Chocolate.

And I also love their “We are not a corporate coffee chain” themed bill boards which greet me almost every morning on my way to work. They put a smile on me face.
I ll keep posting them here from now on.

The place is on Goswell Road, London and is called Coffee@Goswell Road. Trust me their name is the only lame thing about it. Go check it out. Chances are you ll want to spend the rest of your life in there! Like myself.