The Royal Wedding – Behind the Screams

Seldom a photographer has the chance to witness true historic events in front of his house door – so I took the opportunity and got up at an ungodly hour to photograph the Royal Wedding in my itchy i style.

Whatever your opinion is about that marriage – you cannot deny that it is an event that gripped the attention of millions of people around the globe.

There literally was no escaping it. Most People of generations will always remember what they did on that day – similar to the moon landing or September 11. 

I walked around the streets around Westminster Abbey fascinated by the scope of the admiration and duration of so many people trying to catch a few-seconds-glimpse of the Royals.

The masses waited hours and hours for Will and Kate to pass by – cheering in exstatic joy when the moment had arrived. Well apart from some kids who obviously couldn’t care less.

I have to admit though that when the horse carriage with the newly wed passed by I had a strange and very powerful sensation where I asked myself “WHY THE F*CK all this?!” Standing amongst those screaming masses it all felt so artifical and unreal. I wondered when I saw those Royals drive by, who are these people?! What gives them the justification to be cheered at? What have they done to deserve all this love and admiration? I could not find the answer to this. 

Here a few photos from the day. Watch this space for the full album.

A Sky to Remember

London was blessed with the first proper summer’s day today. Pure blue sky. 25 degrees. Normally I don’t talk about the weather. But here in the UK this is like winning the lottery twice in a row.


London Tweed Run

Last week strolling through Shoreditch in East London I was surprised by a bicycle rallye with hundreds of cyclists dressed up in 1920s style. I later found out they took part in the annual Tweed Run which was founded in 2009. So a fairly new thing – but already a great success according to the hight numbers of participants.

I only at the second or third glance noticed that the little boy on this photo had his sister sleeping right next to him. Made me smile.

London Marathon – Water Relief

As it was the London Marathon today and I didn’t have a chance to go and take photos I thought I’d dig up some I took a few years ago. 2007 to be precise. I remember it was quite a hot day. I positioned myself quite close to shower tunnels which I had never seen before.

I was fascinated by the totally different reactions I saw from the runners. Some where totally relieved to be cooled down for a bit, some looked like they arrived in heaven and some were just so exhausted that even that rain of ice cold water couln’t ease their pain anymore.

My deepest respect for everyone who puts him or herself through that incredible physical and mental challenge.

Architects: The Making of Heartburn

Photography is one of my biggest passions. Music another one. And hence it is almost a given that I looooove music videos. Since I was in my teens I was hooked on watching them pretty much 24/7 – back in the good ol’ days when MTV was actually still playing videos.

I am a dead curious person. I love seeing how stuff is done and hence I was always a big fan of behind the scenes films.

Now the universe has given me the chance to not only work on music videos but also to do the making of videos to them. A dream come true.

Here is my second making of I have ever done. Filmed (on my Canon 60D), directed and edited all by myself. It has just been released on Rock Sound TV. Please check it out!

And here is the official Architects video made by my very talented friend Stuart Birchall. The video was Kerrang video of the week when it was released:

And here are a few more photos that I also took during the two days of filming: