The Royal Wedding – Behind the Screams

Seldom a photographer has the chance to witness true historic events in front of his house door – so I took the opportunity and got up at an ungodly hour to photograph the Royal Wedding in my itchy i style.

Whatever your opinion is about that marriage – you cannot deny that it is an event that gripped the attention of millions of people around the globe.

There literally was no escaping it. Most People of generations will always remember what they did on that day – similar to the moon landing or September 11. 

I walked around the streets around Westminster Abbey fascinated by the scope of the admiration and duration of so many people trying to catch a few-seconds-glimpse of the Royals.

The masses waited hours and hours for Will and Kate to pass by – cheering in exstatic joy when the moment had arrived. Well apart from some kids who obviously couldn’t care less.

I have to admit though that when the horse carriage with the newly wed passed by I had a strange and very powerful sensation where I asked myself “WHY THE F*CK all this?!” Standing amongst those screaming masses it all felt so artifical and unreal. I wondered when I saw those Royals drive by, who are these people?! What gives them the justification to be cheered at? What have they done to deserve all this love and admiration? I could not find the answer to this. 

Here a few photos from the day. Watch this space for the full album.

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