These bins should be fired!

Seriously, these bins are pretty sh*t at their job.

Street Photo of a totally overloaded bin in Treptower Park Berlin by Stefan Klenke

Doesn’t get any work done. (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

Streetphoto of a messy stickercovered bin near Berlin Ostkreuz, by Stefan Klenke

What a messy Punk!!!?! (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

Streetphoto of a fallen bin in Berlin Neukölln by Stefan Klenke

He even turned up drunk!!! (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

Streetphoto of a bin with loads of cigarettes on the floor near Sonnenallee Berlin by Stefan Klenke

“Kippendiener“ Рactually means cigarette butt servant! But wtf?! Total failure! (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

I heart this city

Street Photo of a Heart of Snow on car window  - Berlin Neukölln - (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

Heart of Snow РBerlin Neukölln Р(Photo by Stefan Klenke)

Street photo of a moss Heart on a Tree(Photo by Stefan Klenke)

A Heart by Mother Nature – made me smile (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

street photo by stefan klenke of a dirty wedding show poster

Looks like people threw snow balls at them. (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

Street Photo of a lock with a heart on bridge in Berlin Treptow - by Stefan Klenke

Locked Love – Berlin Treptow (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

During the years of walking around Berlin with my camera I noticed hearts everywhere in lots of different forms. I have a huge street photo collection of them. It’s actually my biggest collection of my many themes. It makes me happy that the symbol for love is such a popular theme in this city. 

These are just a few of the very recent examples. 

Mustafa wins!


If you are from Berlin – or went to Berlin and to Mustafas Gem√ľse D√∂ner then you probably just laughed as much as I did. I think this perfectly sums up Berlin humour to me. And also shows a real riddle and phenomenon. Berlin has around half a trillion D√∂ner kebap stores – and probably 99 percent of them do better d√∂ners than Mustafa. And at none of them you have to line up for an hour – but for some reason people seem to think Mustafa is the only Kebap store in the city. I do not get it.

Spot the Fake Waiting Dog!

Waiting dog in front of a bakery near Baumschulenweg, Treptow, Berlin

The smell coming from the bakery was sooo delicious. Poor doggy, has to wait smelling that yumminess with a nose so sensitive – Photo by Stefan Klenke

Streetphoto of dog waiting in front of a Rossmann drugstore near Baumschulenweg, Treptow, Berlin

Poor waiting dog – He didn’t feel like smiling. – Photo by Stefan Klenke

Waiting dog in front of a shop near Baumschulenweg, Treptow, Berlin

Waiting is monkey business. Poor doggy. – Photo by Stefan Klenke

Waiting dog in front of a DM drugstore near Baumschulenweg, Treptow, Berlin

This waiting dog needs some medicine against loneliness. – Photo by Stefan Klenke

Waiting dog in front of a soup shop near Boxhagener Platz, Berlin, Photo by Stefan Klenke

Well, by now you should have spotted the fake waiting dog. I was laughing when I spotted him sitting outside that soup place in Friedrichshain.

Helloooo, I m back with love.

Love Tag - Street art in Magdeburg

Little stencil art from Magdeburg, Germany

Yeeeesss, itchy eye is back to bring you my favourite new discoveries from the world around us. So stay tuned for beautiful street art, little magic moments and street worthy news and general thoughts of mine. Big hug!!!