I heart this city

Street Photo of a Heart of Snow on car window  - Berlin Neukölln - (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

Heart of Snow – Berlin Neukölln – (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

Street photo of a moss Heart on a Tree(Photo by Stefan Klenke)

A Heart by Mother Nature – made me smile (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

street photo by stefan klenke of a dirty wedding show poster

Looks like people threw snow balls at them. (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

Street Photo of a lock with a heart on bridge in Berlin Treptow - by Stefan Klenke

Locked Love – Berlin Treptow (Photo by Stefan Klenke)

During the years of walking around Berlin with my camera I noticed hearts everywhere in lots of different forms. I have a huge street photo collection of them. It’s actually my biggest collection of my many themes. It makes me happy that the symbol for love is such a popular theme in this city. 

These are just a few of the very recent examples. 

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