MuTATE Britain – UK’s No.1 Street Art Festival

Ladies and Gents, here is a MUST for all you street artist lovers for this weekend. Underneath the concrete archways of the A40 Westway in the heart of Notting Hill lie the grounds of what I consider one of the best exhibtions the city and maybe even the country has to offer at the moment.

You will enter a world that mirrors scenes from the Mad Max movies – made out of scrap metal, drift wood and secondhand accessories of all kind.

Expect to discover clever, funny and thought provoking street art paintings, grafittis, collages, installations and sculptures inspired by the wrongness of our Western Society.

It invites you to stay for hours, exploring, talking to the artists or chilling on comfy sofas and chairs in the cafe – which offers yummy teas and cakes.

MuTATE Britain is something really unique – so go and see it while you can! Your brain will be overloaded with amazing imagery for a while to come.


In this form it will be open until this Sunday 1 Nov. 2009. (It seems though, that they will change the look of the exhibition every few weeks and keep it running til December – so check their blog for more info)

Location: 3-6 Acklam Rd, London, W10 5YU

Entrance: £1 before 6pm – £3 thereafter

Check the MuTATE Britain Blog for latest info.


This is a wicked video giving you a little impression of what the spirit of it is like:

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