Crash Car Body Art

Nope. It’s not a crashed car. Artist Emma Hack “build” this automobile with using 17 nude people – painted to create the illusion of a ruined vehicle.

I also really like some of her other stunning body art.

She also was responsible for the super popular music video of Gotye’s Somebody that I used to know.

Check her work out on


2 thoughts on “Crash Car Body Art

  1. The above image of the crash car is very much real like the car after any serious accident. Car accidents are increasing so rapidly these days. These main reason behind this, rash driving and distract driving . The people or the car operators are responsible or conscious while driving their vehicles. So accidents are happening in more numbers. We need to be careful about our driving to save ourselves. The above painting of crashed car looks very much accurate.


  2. Nice painting. Crash car body art is looking natural like a crashed car. No doubt it is the work of a good artist. Really it is difficult to art such type of picture. Artist has tried his best to give the natural look of a crashed car. Car crash is really a very sad incident and it happens only due to the negligence of the driver. So driver should be very cautious at the time of driving a vehicle.


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