London – Still OCCUPIED!

Here are some more photos from another visit of the Occupy London site at St. Paul’s cathedral a week after the last visit. As you can see the numbers of people was still large and the numbers of posters and leaflets on the walls has risen. Heated discussion and informational talks were being held as they were since the beginning of the occupation in mid October.

It seemed then more and more that the site was becoming a manifested London sightseeing attraction – visited around the clock by sympathisers, curious Londoners and tourists alike.

It all of a sudden looked doomed when the Occupier had receieved the official eviction note from the council. It said that all the tents and constructions had to be removed by Thursday 17 Nov, 6pm. I went down there on that day too and saw that to my delight everyone had ignored this order and carried on with their usual proceedings.

It was said that the court proceedings will most certainly delay the occupation until after Christmas.

For more up to date info go to the official Occupy London site



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