Occupy London!

On Tuesday night I went down to St. Paul’s to see for myself what the Occupy London campsite was like.

I was happy to see a mass of tents surrounding the cathedral. It reminded me all of a little festival site – with musicians making music, people playing football, a tent handing out free food, a hospital tent to cater for the needy, tents where people could assemble and talk – even when it was raining outside and of course toilet cubicles. All very organised. I learned that anyone who would want to stay the night would be given accommodation.

And then of course there were the protesters. At the time of my arrival they had all gathered at the steps of the cathedral to talk and decided about proposals from the participants. Their ideas ranged from serious political issues about the whole Occupy strategy to less serious but still important issues like the kitchen opening times and reminders to recycle more to save rubbish.

I was happy to see how chilled and democratic everything went along. And that everyone was given a chance to talk and bring their opinions across.

It really felt like there was a real sense of democracy – and it makes me happy that so many people made and make such an effort to protest. I really hope this movement will succeed, although I have a feeling the media will soon forget about them and focus on other issues again – as they always do.
Although knowing the Olympics will happen soonish – and the city wants a clean tourist friendly town – I have a feeling that we will still see much more dramatic things happen when the camp is to be forcefully cleared.

I really recommend that everyone goes down there to show their support or at least witness a historic event.

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