How to start a Revolution

Gene Sharp – How to Start a Revolution Trailer from Gene Sharp on Vimeo.


On my last visit at the Occupy London at St. Paul’s  I met film director Ruaridh Arrow. He introduced me to his awardwinning documentary about Gene Sharp – the author of a book that changed the world.

Like myself most people probably would not have heard of him – unless you are one of the few people who started a revolution and brought down a dictator.

Gene Sharp’s book called From Dictatorship to Democracy describes 198 ways to end a dictatorship only using non-violent methods. It has been used as a instruction manual for the people of countries like Egypt, Morocco, Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia and many more in the successful peaceful attempts to get rid of their dictatorial leader of their occupating super power.

The film is not only informative in regards to Gene’s Sharps massive – yet almost unknown – impact on the peaceful uprisings around the world – it is also deeply moving as it shows you an old humble man who fought all his life to show the world that you do not need an US army (or any army) to invade and bomb a country in order to free a people from its tyran and introduce democratic rights.

If a nation really wants change it can reache it by itself – without use of weapons or violence.

In my eyes Gene Sharp should be granted the Peace Noble Price. And after watching this documentary I am pretty sure you will agree with me.

Find out more about the film HOW TO START A REVOLUTION here:


3 thoughts on “How to start a Revolution

  1. Hi Ellie,hope you're ace! :)I m glad it made you interested to see the movie – it really is worth watching! I am actually trying to get it screened at the Bank of Ideas at the moment. Apart from that I dont know if will be screened anywhere near you.I can ask my friend who directed it – if I am ok to give you access to the online screener. Take care! itchy i ūüôā


  2. Hey Stef,Yes, it really stirred my interest – in fact I even bought Gene Sharps book, 'From Dictatorship to Democracy' so I'm reading it now..fascinating how his words can have such a profound and widespread effect across the world. Yes, please ask your friend about the online viewer – in return I will make a donation back via the website, so its almost like I have seen it at the cinema ;)Thankyou so much for posting about this – I am teaching a module at BCU now and spoke about your Itchy i blog last week when I taught doco and street photography… in fact I even put a link to your site on Moodle!! Hopefully catch up with you at some point x


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