Secret Garden Party 2012 – Mud’n’Roll, Baby!

I love festivals like Secret Garden Party – I love them because they are full of the most beautiful things that humans can come up with. Music, art and amazing food for bellies and thoughts in a fantasy world that only lasts for a few days.
You jump into the rabbit hole and see where it takes you.

I also love festivals because apart from the incredible silly fun to be had you often encounter the slightly blue and melancholic moments in life. When the party is over, the energy levels have dropped to nil, all friends are lost somewhere in the midst if the hullabaloo, the mud sucked up your shoes and your last will to carry on.

But of course everyone who ever went to a festival knows that’s just part of the festival spirit – without these highs and lows it would not be a proper memorable festival experience. It is this super intense contrast of ups and downs that I find so incredibly inspiring to photograph.


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