Video-Camera records 1 Trillion Images per Second

Yap you heard correct. One trillion photos recorded in just one second! In order to slightly understand the capability of such a device I give you one example.

The above photo of a bullet shooting through an apple was taken in 1964 – it was created with an exposure that only lasted 1 millionth of a second. Now 50 years later we have a camera that is 1 million times faster.

It is so fast it can film individual particles of light “flying” through space – or through a cola bottle in the case of the experiment shown in the fascinating video at the bottom of this article. It is mindboggling to see how light moves and scatters when it makes it way through the water filled bottle.

And to top this the scientist Ramesh Raskar reveals that this stunning device is even able to “see” around corners.

This is truly groundbreaking technology and makes me wonder what we will be able to do in another 50 years time.

Watch this video and witness history.


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