“The Only Limit is your Imagination”

This is how photography manipulation genius Erik Johansson ends his TED talk in which he explains how his fascinating images are created. I am sure some of them you might have come across already.

I have today however discovered the below video in which he explains that all the tools are out there to create realistic looking fantasy-worlds like on his images – all you need is to have imagionation. I wholeheartedly agree. With the technology already available everything in image manipulation is possible. You can be God – or however you want to call it – of your own visual universe. 

But especially after watching this video I would definitely also like to add that you not only need a lot of fantasy but also the willingness and persistence to turn your ideas into reality.

And this – as we probably all know with some form of guilt – is the point where most of us could do with a kick up our backsides.

Erik spends sometimes months from the moment the creative spark hits him until the visualisations of his concepts are finished. His aim is to make everything look as if an actual photograph could have been taken – despite it being sometimes totally un-realistic scenarios.

And that’s for me what makes them so striking. 

Check out his website for all of his other projects: http://alltelleringet.com



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