Streetart Nightsights

Last night I was browsing the streets in one of the few London areas where you can find constantly heaps of street art – Shoreditch. And I was happy to discover quite a few new pieces I had never seen before.


6 thoughts on “Streetart Nightsights

  1. I really honestly hope that Nokia 808 PureView RM-807 can outperform this Exmor R Mobile BSI (Back Side Illumination) Sensor! My next cameraphone! Can you please take pictures without additional lighting / LED video light / camera flash just as they do with the Exmor R? Thanks!


  2. you dont need to wish that the 808 can outperform the Exmor… the Nokia N8 still outperforms those exmor sensors


  3. @ Alex Kerr: Yes I had it for a short while only unfortunately. Brilliant camera phone I have to say. Or I should probably say brilliant phone-camera. Thanks for the post on your blog by the way. Glad you like the photos and the quality. ūüôā


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