Berlin at NYE – A bit like War

These photos were taken at the Modersohn Bridge in Berlin Friedrichshain. Every New Years Eve or Silvester as we Germans call it hundreds of people meet up there to celebrate. Traditionally the Germans go quite mad with their tons of fireworks – especially around midnight.

There were moments when I felt a bit like a war photographer – trying to constantly dodge and escape rockets and firecrackers while trying to catch these moments. Many people seem to blast their savings into the air while others rather just watched the spectacle which quite literally will be burned into your memory for ever.


One thought on “Berlin at NYE – A bit like War

  1. Nice photos. Berlin is a beautiful city. Really New year is a special day for all man, so people plan to enjoy that day fully according to their likings. People of Berlin are enjoying New Years at mid-night with tons of fireworks. Really this is a memorable event for all man. This blog is providing nice photos about memorable events of the people of Berlin for New Years Eve which will inspire others to do so.


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