Burning Man from Space

Wow. Isn’t this incredible? This is how Burning Man Festival would look like from an UFO point of view.


2 thoughts on “Burning Man from Space

  1. It's not "an UFO" it's "a UFO". Even though, yes, the word UFO starts with a vowel, when you pronounce the letter "U" – the sound starts with a "Ɉ" sound ("ya") which is a palatal consonant, meaning you'd use an "a" instead of an "an".It works the other way, too. You don't say "a hour" you say "an hour". Even though an "H" is a consonant, it has a vowel sound in the word "hour" so you'd use an "an".Hopefully, if the UFOs ever *do* come to Earth, you'll be able to speak and write English more legibly and an interstellar incident won't happen because you've used the wrong article.Grammar is important. It *IS*!


  2. I highly doubt Grammer is anything close to being important.And if aliens come, they would probably kill us before we even said a word, So stop being such a Grammer Nazi.


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