Playgroup Festival 2011

Man, man. The past few months were totally packed with crazy projects. Hence I didn’t have the time to upload all the photos I wanted. Like these ones here from Playgroup Festival this summer.

Playgroup Festival 2011 – in the middle of the lush green spookey fields of Kent – was something special. A festival that was only 2 years old and hence so innocent and playful that one could only feel like a child again.

No queues – no massive metal fences – no fights – no chavs – just pure unfiltered fun. It really felt more like a big circus than a festival – where EVERYONE could be the attraction and everyone could be the clown. I certainly recommend it – and I will be back next year.

Here is a link to the complete Playgroup Facebook Gallery. See for yourself how amazing it was.

P.S.: The reason I actually went there was that I am one of the photographers of SuckMyRock – which is a super dooper creative Photobooth project. We had our own tent at Playgroup where we built a magic forest and took photos of all the wonderful creatures from the festival – have a look for yourself. It’s hillarious!


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