A Tea Time Travel to the 1920s

Last Sunday I discovered this little old tea room strolling through Shoreditch with a friend. I had passed this place so many times – but never went in – until that day. I had a tea with the intrigiung name “Russian Caravan”.

The owner told me I should come back on Thursday when they would have a live jazzy swing band playing. So i did. And of course I took my camera along. I really felt like I travelled back in time. Most people were dressed up like in the olden days. The DJ played the tunes from the Golden Twenties to which the peole danced along to. I totally loved it. The 1920s are my favourite decade. I’d so much love to go back to Berlin back in those days – and that night I felt that dream of mine had come true for a short while.

The place is called “Time for Tea” in Shoreditch, London. They have a Facebook group under the name of “Time for Tea Shoreditch”.

Check it out to find more about future events like this one. You won’t regret going there if you like a bit of  time traveling or just a good cuppa.

There will be many more photos coming up. So watch this space.


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