100 Year old Lens gets new body

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this photo. It just raised the question: What the heck happened here?!

Cameraman and Photographer Timur Civan needed to create a Vintage look for an upcoming photo project. But instead of shooting expensively on medium format cameras or using Photoshop trickery he had his camera-technology-friend building him one of the most awkward looking camera set-ups I have ever seen.

His friend had found a really rare lens from around 1908 (Wollensak 35mm F5.0 Cine-Velostigmat). He managed to mount it on a Canon 5D MarkII and it worked as you can see here on these photos.

As a fan of the old vignette look I really like the feel this old lens gives the photos. Of course it is something that you could achieve in seconds using photo software that is even available on mobile phones these days. But knowing it was achieved by one of the oddest couples in photographic history makes it extra special.

Read the full story here.


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