A (Very) Short Story – Vol. 1

There is this German tweeter he writes little thought provoking stories as tiny as one tweet. 144 signs?

I love the challenge of so few letters and also the way the stories make you wanna read more. Like little cliff hangers.

So I thought I d give it a try too – in English. Here my first one:

“I am so glad we don’t have to shave.” thought Kevin who was looking into the mirror which was missing his reflection.

The End / The Beginning

Tomorrow another one. ūüėČ

Check out Florian Meimberg on Twitter for his stories. They are only in German though. He is known as tiny_tales.


One thought on “A (Very) Short Story – Vol. 1

  1. he then left a shower and went downstairs to open the doors of his little salon. Kevin was a barber, not an ordinary who you can find many on Queen street but a very good and of course well respected one.


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