Fall in Love with Music (again)

When you love music – then you must love it when you encounter it in its rawest form. Live and unplugged. Stripped down to the bare minimum. Less is – i find – more. If the band is good – you don’t need much more than a voice, melody and rhythm.

The French production team of La Blogotheque do exactly that. They take a band – known or unknown – and film them playing on the street, in a courtyard, parks, tunnels, car parks etc. Equipped with nothing else than a few basic instruments – without any amplification – they show you how powerful good songs can be if played by talented people.

Acts like Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes, Sigur Ros, Jamie Lidell all have taken part in the so called “Take Away Concerts” (Un Concert A Emporter). All videos are so incredible special because of its innocent playful style – they surely become an unforgettable event for us fans but also for the bands themselves.

There are more than 200 videos by now. I have picked one by Tomi Lebrero that really touched me. It made me happy to have ears that work, eyes that see and a heart that beats.

This is how music should be done.


One thought on “Fall in Love with Music (again)

  1. Great video and great blog!If you like take away shows check out the ones we did with argentinian bands here in BS AS. Let us know what you think!Best!IFindiefolks.com


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