A short while ago I talked about a black poster with a white cross on it that I noticed in a tube station. And I wondered if it was just a one off thing or part of a media campaign where people should start wondering what it means. Well as you can see on these pictures the latter assumption is the truth.

Now the question is what is it for? The band called THE XX? Or the beer brand XXXX? Or something completely different? Well, we’ll see. I keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “XXXXX

  1. Dude, thanks for solving this riddle! I m so relieved now that I know. Finally I got he answer. It was a very interesting concept BUT I m not sure how successful it was. I think to have a real success with this kind of ad campaign you need a LOT of posters everywhere AND i think you should afterwards post the "answer" posters where the "riddle" posters used to be.


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