Interesting poster. Saw it yesterday in the London Angel tube station. I wonder if it is a random one-off or part of a series of a “make people-wonder-what-it-means-and-then-surprise-them”-multi-poster-campaign.

Maybe someone just wanted to give a kiss to the people. Which actually reminds me that the habbit of putting an x as a kiss in the end of emails, letters or text messages is a thing that is very common in the UK – but completely non existing in Germany where I’m from. So I wonder if it is just a British thing or if other countries have adopted it as well? And where did it come from? And since when means “xxx” I love you?


2 thoughts on “X

  1. i like the idea of it being a kiss for each one that passes by. but i believe it may just be an ad for this ldn band, the xx… theyre playin in london in a not too far date anyways… check them out. theyre cool.


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