Atomic Tree

What a strong image! An old tree and the mushroom of a nuclear explosion. Isn’t it bizarre how beautiful both are?
I believe both resemble the incarnation of what some people describe as the power of God. It shows the two opposed facettes of the universe – good and evil – and that both can be perceived as perfectly beautiful in their own rights.

But it also shows how similar the most different objects can be in a purely geometrical way. Which is a clear indicator for the idea that the universe follows one ultimate set of laws: The laws of Maths. Or to put it in other words: God is Maths = Maths is God.


One thought on “Atomic Tree

  1. I'm so glad to have found this site, I've really enjoyed having a wander around in your art. I've been thinking for some time that Maths is God, I'm just now roaming about the net looking for people who have expressed ideas like you have here. I'm interested in asking how others have come to a similar conclusion to myself. Of course the idea is hardly new, the ancient Greeks treated geometry with the same reverence that the modern Geeks (sic.) reserve for chaos and fractals. But I think a new appreciation for the devine order is emerging from the people of the information age (Allbeit, perhaps as the beast emerges from the waters in revelations, and I loath to risk encouraging any creating of yet another bloody religion) Any further thoughts on the matter?Chickenhawk. Pt Pirie, S.Aust.


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