There definitely is (no) God!

Ok, this article could be endless – as it kind of deals with the oooooooooold question of “Is there a God?” Not only when they’re stoned or on mushrooms – people seem to discuss this matter since the invention of the idea that one man/woman/being is the creator of everything.

And as we know we can split mankind in two fronts – the Believers – and their counterparts the Atheists.

The latter ones recently started a very interesting ad campaign – visible to everyone on London’s red buses. It said “There’s probably no God. So stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

For any Believer this must have felt like getting hit in the face with a big old dusty book. The slogan launched by a group called Atheist Bus Campaign suggest that anyone believing in God is a pathetic saddo! A bold statement this group intends to go international with at the moment.

The ironic thing is that although the Bible says “If someone strikes you on the cheek, offer him the other one as well” (Luke 6:29) the Christian Party failed to do so – and gave in to the temptation to strike back!

And O’ Boy! Did they hit back!!! They have taken all their anger and grief about those blasphemic atheists and contered with…well… with an ad…on the red London busses!

And it stated in the very same style as the Atheist one: “There definitely is a God! So join the Christian Party! And enjoy your life!”

Wow – what a retaliation! With a slogan that presents you with the answer to all our many disputes and arguments. THERE IS GOD!!! DEFINITELY! and THAT’S why you HAVE to join the Christian Party! 

At least I can cut my article short now. All questions answered! Thanks Christian Party!

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